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3D Spirit Paris - Corso

Intelligence Artificielle en CAO - Ingenierie 3D - R&D  Aéronautique - Propulsion MHD 

Our history in innovation

The professional life being made of enriching meeting; the development of innovative solutions allowed us to exert our talents in other aeronautical projects before starting the one presented on our homepage.

Example: French lenticular aerostat, invented by Erick Bremont.

Projects open international business doors ...

The Philosophy of our Work Team

Coming from several fields of technological expertise; the fields of application of physics, energy, thermodynamics and mathematics guide us in the 3D world and in the interpretation of the use of new energies to collect them in the most appropriate way and more efficient way to implement transport means responding to market demands.

To think out of the box

The blank page is often the base of a new beginning, with "toolbar":

- the latest CAD software,
- Artificial intelligence for software exchanges
- the most recent discoveries,
- functional creation methods
- a cyber-secure network organization strategy, reinforced by a professional confidentiality charter.
- powerful production tools
- a test bench

All crowned by a team of passionate and motivated professionals.

An idea is born

Starting from the latest innovations in the field of thermodynamics, we found that a technology transfer was possible in other areas. Collecting energy by copying what nature does in its own transfer of loads and masses has lit up our path.

A Turbo Effect

Resuming the MHD energy that comes out of a propulsion system in pure losses to boost its input equation has long had only one form of mechanical application. We have transformed this while securing its use for the pilot. Knowledge is the mother of all functions ...

A pleasant work environment

To be in well conditions in his head is to be well in "his boots" and well in his job in a friendly atmosphere.

This is the art of human relations that the cooperative 3D Spirit Paris knows to profit advantageously in Corsica.