3D Spirit Paris - Corso

3D by Artificial Intelligence - 3D Engineering - Aerospace R&D - EMHD Propulsion - Warp Drive

Imprimante 3D, scanner 3D

3D Spirit Paris - Corso

Intelligence Artificielle en CAO - Ingenierie 3D - R&D  Aéronautique - Propulsion MHD 

Drive or choose a destination is a question:

- of pleasure, if you like to drive yourself,

- of comfort if you prefer to rest during the trip,

- of security, if it is desired that the aircraft supports independently and securely, the transport of a child, a confidential file, a gemstone, etc.

- practical, to transport new deliveries, spare parts on sites.

- of safety, if one wishes to supervise a nuclear power station, a villa, a water park, a strategic territorial zone.

Why create multiple aircraft; if only one can do everything, everywhere, respecting the environment and ensuring local management of air traffic / collision avoidance?

Having a product that uses conventional, noisy and / or polluting technologies that cover a new market need is a "default" marketing vision, which many industry groups follow for lack of a better one.

Having a product that is quiet and clean, adaptable to all markets that can be bought or rented from time to time covers a wider spectrum of needs.

Here are some examples of professional uses:

Shops, Supermarkets, distributors

Professional Luxury version :

For the professional Luxury version, particular attention is paid to the design for each brand, so that customers know which aircraft they deliver Nespresso capsules or bottles from Nicolas; because for recognized brands, the image of the brand counts and deserves to be distinguished.

What else ?

Drone Avion Innovant

Nicolas Version (french wines): 

For services to people, public services can be faster, more efficient, because to these new air tools:

1st aid version - Load 350 Kg - more powerful & faster:  firefighters, blood transport, organ transport, bandages, anesthetic blankets and defibrillator. Extraction of person in floor blocked by the flames in simplified harness - 3 rotating drones can cooperate, on the situations of fires, on the shipwrecks at sea or on the transport of emergency equipment on an earthquake.

Avalanche, Anti-Drugs, Civil Security 
 Track, locate a person in trouble, a network of traffickers, or a kidnapped person with tags or their smartphone.
  - code of ethics to be signed by the pilots of certified unmanned drones -

Safety work at heights: simplify the transport of tiles, photovoltaic modules or solar panels on site by limiting movement and human effort. Transport of the lifeline lifter, transportation of anchorage equipment and guardrails