3D Spirit Paris - Corso

3D by Artificial Intelligence - 3D Engineering - Aerospace R&D - EMHD Propulsion - Warp Drive

Imprimante 3D, scanner 3D

3D Spirit Paris - Corso

Intelligence Artificielle en CAO - Ingenierie 3D - R&D  Aéronautique - Propulsion MHD 

Edito :

Our ambition is to offer a new mode of transport, multi-use, multi-environments (water, air & space).

Drone, Plane and shuttle, 3 in 1, with an innovative propulsion system, this aircraft takes off like a helicopter, hovers like plane, without noise, without smoke.

Its waterproofness gives our model the opportunity to travel wherever he wants with equipment adapted to each situation.

Its design will make it stand out from all the other challengers in emerging markets (XCOR Aerospace, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, etc.)

We hope to meet you soon.

Eric DAVIET - Leader & Founder